the network of onliveline


Björn – lighting design

from wall anniversary, to events, to opera – nothing’s impossible. rock`n roll!

Rolf –
monitoring & direction

from meeting to stadions – live, documentation, tv

Ronny –
video projection

no matter how much light – there will be more than adequate videocontent

Anne –
media programming

the crazier the projection surface, the more fun it is for her

Heinz – video design

and especially he loves crazy projection surfaces

Frank M. –
music composition

an ideal balance between space, staging and atmosphere – and always a bit more!

Kati – costume design

picking up elements, colors and storyline, strong focus and networking

Alex – choreography

power and poetry

Hansjörg – sound design

the best ear, highest precision, the best sound

Frank E. – illustration

So good. You know what you get!

Tom – architectur design

always a bit different

Holger –
architektur design, 3D

precise, on the spot

Frank B. – editor, content project-lead

versatile, grasping the full picture

Klaus – photographer and director of photography

an incredible eye for the situation

Sonja –
actor, director, sketches



Bianca – workshops, directing, dramaturgy

and always again focussing on the overall situation

Micha – technical lead

is not working on anything non-complex

Matz – composition

sounds are music.

Tom – Design & Illustration

thought is design is mega cool!

Jenny – sing, dance, act

poetic & wild

Denis – performer

a strong, playful glance into the world.

Takao – choreography

dance is play is scene.


Christian – JOKE-event

together is the idea!


Ivo – framework architecture

spaces are like ideas – you have to think them!

Katja – journalist, dramaturge

no matter what the job, she finds the story.

Frieder – interactive video

interactive is a performer, no video


Miguel – performer

first of all breaking the convention


Roland – perfomer&author

whitty and beautifully smart

Susanne – preoject management

structured, inspired and wonderfully great!

Stephan – concept & dramaturgy & friend

same thoughts and yet so much more.


Mira – graphic

wonderful when someone thinks further ahead!