the offer of onliveline:

  1. Consulting and ideas for communication-strategies, – campaigns and -projects
  2. Development of concepts and detail conception of communication concepts and staging
  3. Creative management, staging and operation of shows and campaigns with and inside of an excellent network, but especially also as a partner of and with agencies and of the existing customer’s network

Central are therefore tools and principels of the live-communication and interaction with, among and to the people.


us working together can consist of various steps:


100 % consulting & idea

100 % concept & detail concept

100 % implementation planning & staging with and inside a network

We are working for clients, agencies, research organizations, construction companies, corporate companies, design offices, culture projects and institutions.

For you and together with you, we develop  concepts and strategies to tell a message – always taking into account the specific situation, feasibility, realization  and achievement of objectives.

The basis of our success is a clear briefing and clear distribution of roles.