employees of onliveline


Norwin Kandera
Norwin Kandera

For over 20 years he designed and produced communication means and campaigns for companies and research institutions. The spectrum covers the entire field of employee and management communication, and communication activities for customers and trading partner of renowned national and international companies. Many successful projects and some very unusual and innovative approaches succeeded to build long-term customer relationships and strategic partnerships.
His core competencies lie in the conceptual and creative range of analytical and strategic thinking, creative as well as in the solid adaptation of communication-scientific knowledge as well as detailed implementation and production expertise.

Dipl.Economy and MBA

Petra Lammers
Petra Lammers

For 20 years she has been staging theater, public space and event productions, especially walkable, inter-connected, scenographic spaces.

First she studied an MBA and MFA in dramaturgy and directing in Regensburg, St. Petersburg, Kentucky and New York.

As a freelance theater director, she has directed written works and developmental processes on stages and walkable spaces in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New York and Puerto Rico.


After the theater she worked as a Creative Director at Panroyal in Wuppertal. For large corporations she developed and produced concepts, in the realm of scenic stagings, connection of complex video projections and stage design, scenography, connection of online and offline, workshops, interaction and events as a process. Then, together with Norwin Kandera, she founded onliveline in order to move a step away from the everyday event world and focus onto storytelling. No matter if artistic show or strategy, online or offline, intern or extern, her focus is always on the story, her dramaturgy and the development that the company can achieve with it.

MBA and MFA in dramaturgy and directing


Lena Bonato
Lena Bonato


After studying communication management with a focus on strategic communication, she is working in the field of conception, creation and project management for staging, communication measures and campaigns for companies and research institutions for six years.

Here she especially develops concepts for scenic staging, staging of strategies and communication campaigns.

Her core competencies lie in the creative and communicative field, coupled with a quick grasp, analytical thinking and extreme precision.



Valeria Schenk
Valeria Schenk

Brings eight years of experience in economic, industrial and creative industries with her.

In addition to her activities in event and project management, she expanded her skills by studying communication marketing with a focus on event conception, BTL and ATL marketing, as well as successfully completed her training as online marketing manager.

Since July 2018 she is supporting onliveline in the field of conception and project management, especially for strategic communication measures and staged strategies.

Her core competence lies in her analytical, unconventional way of thinking and in the communicative field. Her way of working is efficient and goal-oriented.

Communication Marketing Manager WAK


Marcus Gordon Lynch
Marcus Gordon Lynch

Studied liberal arts in New Jersey. For the last 12 years he has worked for a full-service event agency organising events of all kinds.

As a generalist, he quickly gets to grips with every subject and never loses sight of the big picture because of all the details.

His core competencies lie in creativity close to implementation and the simplification of complex processes.

Since August 2019 he has been supporting onliveline in the areas of staging, conception and project management.




Rutgers University, NJ

Lena “Lissi” Wesholowski
Lissi Wesholowski

Bachelor of Arts in „Design and Communication“ with specialization in “special design” and Master of Arts in “Scenography and Communikcation”.

During her studies she defined her sense for space and their effect especially in a semester in Italy, several freelance exhibit projects as well as explorations into the world of the theater.

Since 2019 she works at onliveline mainly in the area of creation and project management.

Her special interest keep being scenography and fine arts in the broader sense.

Her main competencies lie in the development and operation of strong stories and creative solutions in the real and virtual space


Bachelor of Arts in Design und Kommunikation

Adam Reuter
Adam Reuter

As an absolute career changer, he studied history and Japanese (B.A.) and finally found his way into the live communication industry and thus to onliveline with treibhaus0.8 – the volunteer & concept study.

His core competences are his quick comprehension, his high degree of imagination and graphic elaboration of the ideas in our presentations.

Adam’s fields of interest are in scenography, interactive & audiovisual exhibition formats.





History and Japanese (B.A.)

Jeanette Klein
Jeanette Klein

Following her training as a dancer and choreographer in the contemporary segment, she also worked successfully in show conception and production alongside her stage career.

With an eye for the big picture, her field of work quickly expanded. Always open to new tasks and challenges, she soon took the next step into the full-service event management sector.

Her many years of experience and expertise in organizing premium events allow her to quickly outgrow herself and her strong approach to content and dramaturgy is an important factor in every successful event conception.

Her core competencies are, besides a very well structured project planning and customer communication, her curiosity and great interest to dive into the customer world to co-create relevant content.

Since October 2020 she supports onliveline in the area of project and content management.




Hanna Linnemann
Hanna Linnemann

Brings experience in the conception of classic and live communication. She is most passioned about projects with a digital focus that tell stories. Always driven by curiosity and enthusiasm for trends and innovations.

Her core competencies come from a wide range of disciplines that combine to form an interdisciplinary network.  She started with an apprenticeship as a design assistant. This was followed by a B.A. in media management with focus on brand communication and advertising. The disciplines are rounded off with an ongoing M.S. in business psychology in order to base communicative measures on solid science. With her flair for people, brands and communication, she is responsible for the continuous development of the in-house products onIT and onVR and, despite all the digitalisation, for always keeping people in focus as the decisive constant.





B.A. Media Management | M.S. Business Psychology

Jana Schiffel
Jana Schiffel

After her bachelor’s degree in “Event Management”, Jana went straight into the world of events and spent the last 12 years implementing premium events of all kinds in a full-service event agency.

In order to drive her own learning curve steadily upwards and to counteract stagnation, she has now been devoting herself increasingly to content and strategic storytelling at onliveline since the end of 2021.

Jana’s core competencies lie primarily in operational event- and project management, her structured way of working and very good customer communication.



B.A. Event Management