onliveline = storytelling =
live communication extended into a process via online (etc.!)

our background is live communication – the real, scenic, dramaturgical, strategic storytelling. But we understand communication as a process that goes beyond the moment of live communication. Because what is important is that the storyline and the message are being perceived and work with a long-lasting effect!



(consulting & staging)


Strategies are essential for a targeted business development. But: in order to create an action, a motion at all, it is necessary for them to be told in a way so that they are understood. Therefore we stage strategies – sometimes scenic, sometimes in space, sometimes online – and if possible all together.

  • consolidated, strategic knowledge (MBA) and experience from numerous change communication projects
  • scientific base – conception is based on current findings of perception, cognition and motivational research


strategy consulting staging strategies

communication process



We find the message and develop it into a storyline – and then we lead it across all communication channels – internal, external, online, offline, spacial, scenic, interactive, co-created, emotional and rational.

Since the staging of the story needs – today more than ever – a clear line, new formats of communication and strategies.


communication process


(scenic & public)


Our shows are rarely just beautiful. With a central image and a clear dramaturgy the tell: a story, a strategy, a world.

  • long-time expertise in staging of projects in corporate, communication and culture projects
  • conception according to principles of theatre and culture science (MFA)
  • multi-faceted, sensual, impressive, real
  • tried out in all possible constellations.


public staging scenic staging


Fraunhofer Jahrestagung

2014 & 2015 & 2016

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member of the Art Directors Club, Germany.





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